With many years working within the architectural sector, we have the knowledge and experience to work
with your bid managers and planners to provide accurate images that assist a construction tender.

The images can be used within the bid documents that are submitted to explain how
you are going to approach the project, the logistical images show the clients
that you have a clear understanding of the project and how you are going to build it.

The phasing images are snapshots in the programme, working very closely with the programme
information we can create snapshots in time that are accurate to any week or date within the contract period.

These can be anywhere from site set up through to practical completion.

These images and models can then be used to create a 4D animation. A programme
time bar can be added so that the animation can be paused to give an accurate position
of where the build process will be at any particular time within the contract period,
again this can start from site handover and go through to completion.

We can apply our Virtual Reality technique to this so that you can go anywhere within the model
and look at the site, we can then use keyboard shortcuts or game controllers to fade on the different phases
that again takes us from site set up through to practical completion. 

One of our typical 4D Construction animations can be found on our animations page, or directly here.

4D Construction Gallery

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